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Sarah and Dan's gorgeous Canberra Botanic Garden Wedding

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Sarah and Dan are one of those couples that you can't help but love. They just seem to hum with connection and vitality. Their affinity is palpable and magnificent to witness, and naturally their wedding was nothing less than an elegant, earthly and joyous celebration of their gorgeous love for one another.

Now full disclosure, Sarah is one of my favourite people. We first met around five years ago when we bonded over craft glue, glitter and gardening and the rest they say was history.

I know Sarah as an incredibly resourceful and creative person. She is one of those people that you just wish you were more like, as she turns up to your house with homemade pickles, made with veggies she's grown herself. Then while dinning on her divine home-baked goods she just happened to whip up before she came over, Sarah shows her latest art/craft/DIY/construction/garden project that she just happens to be working on in her spare time. All this while working as a very dedicated, compassionate and successful psychiatrist! Can anyone say talented or what!

And Dan... Could you find a more sincere, or quietly and unasumily confident person? I think not! I mean, while Sarah drives around in her very practice a duel-cab 4x4 ute, Dan drives a zippy, little, sporty car, and just owns it! And these two, talk about a couple of high achievers! So while Dan maintains a successful career as an engineer, he is also an active member of the Australian Army Reserves... I know right! All I can say is dedication!

So as you can imagine Sarah and Dan's wedding was nothing less than gorgeous. Everything was to the letter beautiful, simply stunning! From the gorgeous makeup by Mojo Lash and Makeup (@mojolashandmakeup #mojolashandmakeup), to the exquisite flowers by Larissa from Lady Larissa Flowers and Styling (seriously you need to check out her instagram @lady_larissa and facebook @LadyLarissaFlowers, she is one talented gal!). And the dress! Oh my! What a gown! All was perfect! Simply perfect! Then on to the ceremony and reception!

So they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but I've never heard anything about windy weather. Because Sarah and Dan's wedding just happened to coincide with the windiest day on earth! Luckily they'd chosen the very picturesque National Botanic Gardens for their wedding, where they have a lovely sheltered little stone amphitheatre where the ceremony was held with much smiles, laughter and light.

After the brief and bubbly ceremony guests headed to the Pollen Cafe and Restaurant for drinks, dinner (yum! Now here is a place I will definitely be returning to for a sumptuous meal! Check them out on social media at @pollencafe) and much much dancing.

It really was a fabulous day celebrating the love of some very wonderful people! I am so very grateful to have been a part of this day! Thank you for a wonderful day Sarah and Dan!


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