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2024 - Stepping forward with Gratitude

2023 was a fantastic year absolutely no doubt! I've met some incredible families, made some amazing friends (perks of the job!), had THE best time creating the Mummahood exhibition in it's new home at the Raglan Gallery! I think it was also the year that I found the crux of what it was to be a small business owner with some wild challenges and on the flip side found my rhythm as a photographer which has been an unexpected treat!

2024 is looking like it's going to be just as fun (hopefully without too many of the 'wild challenges') We have Mummahood coming up in March, I'm in the process of creating some fun new collections and packages as well as revamping my pricing and adding some fantastic new products. Excitingly we'll be constructing our on-farm studio and creating some fabulous offers and events around that, as well as some other very cool things that are on the cards to be announced in the new year!

Mother and daughter are silhouetted against the red and orange of sunset sky.  The stand facing one another holding hands.  You can tell they are smiling at eachother.

However, standing here on the precipice of 2024 looking forward into the unknown I am aware of that lurking cloud of doubt. Absolutely I'm drawn to think of the potential of what's to come and have many goals for the year, as I'm sure many of you do - play with my kids, connect with family and friends, pay down our mortgage, save a little, go on a family holiday somewhere nice, learn to be more patient and reflective, exercise more, garden more, meditate more, and build strong foundations so my business can grow into what I have envisaged... So many goals! So many things to do! Endless lists of to do's... It can be a lot!

And I also reflect on where I've come, how I've grown, and how lucky I am to be living the life I have. Truly, truly lucky.

A dad cooks marshmallows with his two kids over an open fire.

I have to admit, at times I tend to get sucked into the anxiety vortex (another thing to conquer this coming year!) and lose sight of the bigger picture as well as lose my confidence and resolve. I think of all the things I have to do, all the things I'm 'failing to do' (thanks negative inner dialogue!), all the people I might be letting down and on and on and on it goes!

My daughter yesterday asked me how I calm myself when I get upset and I answered with the usual 'I go for a walk in nature, create some art, go garden, or pat the dog' and while these things really do help my to find my calm again, I think one big thing is I remember my privilege.

a black and white photo of a mum tickling her small son as he lays on her lap. It is a photo from above and you can see her hands on his chest and his lovely warm smile.l

I mean how lucky am I to have a beautiful family, healthy happy kids, a roof over my head, parents and family who love me, gorgeous friends, food on the table, opportunities, a successful business and job I love. Again, the list goes on and on. The very fact that I'm not being bombed or starving or homeless or marginalised is something that at times I need to stop and remind myself of.

Yes, of course I need to be aware of where things need to improve, we all have our blind spots that need highlighting, and I definitely want to know where I need to pick up my game, but losing sight of what's really important is far from helpful.

A beautiful girl in a rose gold sequinned dress turns to the camera.  she looks over her shoulder at the viewer as the sun sets behind her and the wind gently blows her hair across her face.

So when I think about it my new years resolution is firmly centred around stepping forward into 2024 with gratitude. Gratitude is really at the centre of it all - be grateful and show gratitude for my children, family and friends, be grateful of what I have, including safety, financial stability, opportunity, gratitude for my incredible clients who trust me with their memories and precious moments, gratitude for all the wonderful things to come.

What are your goals for 2024? Where are you heading? I'm sure it's somewhere bright, sunny and abundant! I'll see you there!


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