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What can I tell you about me...

I'm a country gal and grew up on the most incredible farm in the Snowies.  I went to boarding school and university in Sydney, which has means I've been lucky enough to have walked in some very different worlds.

I'm married to an amazingly talented and patient-as-a-stone kind of guy.  We have two little daughters who are the absolute lights of my life and make my work bright and magical.  We have 11 dogs, 4 chickens, 7 pet sheep and many, many more of those sheepy friends out in the paddocks, a huge garden and fantastic orchard where we feast on juicy nectarines, crispy apples, sumptuous plumbs and face-puckering quinces.

In my city-slicker days I studied a bachelor of Visual Art at Sydney University, and when I wasn't creating art for school or hanging out in dingy coffee shops in Newtown, I was swinging off some form of cliff with my mates from the Sydney Uni Rock Climbing Club.

Diversity, equality and integrity are core values of mine and I'm super-extra passionate about inclusion, disability advocacy, LGBTIQ+ rights, was a proud 'yes' voter for marriage equality and absolutely believe that love is love is love is love.  After all, we fly the rainbow flag proud and high in our family with both my brother and I taking up two of the wonderful letter is of the LGBTIQ+ acronym!


This ol' world if full of such splendidness and I whole-heartedly feel we really need to be doing more to celebrate love and connection wherever and however it blossoms!  If I can help do that by creating epic images of you and your special ones then I am the luckiest and happiest little being. 


I am absolutely about body positivity.  You are COMPLETELY GORGEOUS as you are and that's that.  I make it my mission to help you feel stunning (because you are!) and make sure your photos show every bit of your amazingness. 


I'm love working spontaneously and flexibly, which is completely handy when working with kiddos and try to always keep my sessions playful and adventurous. 

I'm also a HUGE advocate of mental health and wellness.  For years I have also worked as an Art Therapist and had the privilege of supporting people in in-patient, secure, psychiatric facilities, outpatient units, drug and alcohol services and family support services, schools and within the wider community. 


Art therapy is all about utilising creative expression (like drawing, painting, movement, music, clay, dance and, well, anything really!) to help people understand more about themselves and their experiences, so they can find solutions, heal what needs healing and live life to their full potential.

It's been incredible to work so closely and intimately with people as both a photographer and therapist and hopefully help them find their inner, true and glorious self.

I can't tell you how excited to meet you and can't wait to create some magic with you and your family!



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Located in the sometimes sunny, mostly chilly, pretty, pretty Snowy Mountains


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