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Mount Gladstone Family Portrait fun-ness with the Drury Family

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

The midday sun was beating down on us as we strode down the dusty track and into the trees for our Mount Gladstone, Cooma, mini family portrait session. Ash holding his little daughter tight, Millie with her arm around her man; the light was bright, the shadows deep and the smiles larger than life! The Drury’s; these three spectacular souls, you couldn’t find nicer people if you tried! And the sweetness in their eye’s as Millie and Ash gazed at their little girl was just mesmerising.

What a trooper Lucy was too! With the only available time for everyone landing right on her nap-time, she well and truly ready to hit the hay, but still she shrieked with glee as Ash threw her in the air and tipped her up side down, or enjoyed a snuggle in the outstretched arms of her loving mumma. This little family giggled their way through the bush; tickling and playing their way amongst the sticks and stones.

But all too soon the world got too much for our beautiful little bush babe and it truly was time to turn in. Millie messaged me later that afternoon saying that Lucy didn’t even make it down the mountain before she was snoring soundly as they made their way home after the session! We had worn the little one out, that’s for sure! But adventures will do that to a person!

I know that my own tiny human certainly loves being outdoors, pottering in the garden or trooping through the trees, and by the time we make it home she is absolutely ready for her nap. And it’s funny, I find that with those naps she seems to sleep the soundest and wakes really rested and full of glee and mischief! I hope that is how Lucy felt when she woke after her time up the hill! Rested and ready for action!

And so, Drury family you are wonderful! I so admire your beautiful bond. You are one family who are tight, and I mean that with a capital ‘T’! There is just so much love and connection between you, it is such a privilege to witness.

Thank you so much for a stunning afternoon!

All my love


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