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Fantastic Family Shoot in Jindabyne!

So the Hoogesteger's are the sort of family you meet and then go, 'man I want to be more like them!' What an amazing bunch of people! I mean seriously! Janie is basically a superwoman who moved house with two young boys a few weeks before they welcomed little Jedd, Jono is pretty much the most chilled guy ever with a spectacular sense of humour (and love for yea ol', fixer-upper cars) and their three boys, Duke, Errol and Jedd, well they are simply gorgeous. What loving little people!

Point in case - when I dropped off their images and brought along my nine-month-old daughter Lilly they immediately welcomed her and hardly left her side, played with her to the point that when they left the room to get something to eat Lilly would cry until they came back. *so beautiful*

I for one, had an absolute blast creating some truly fun pictures that sunny Sunday afternoon. The time just flew by in a flurry of laughs and rumbles and only a few tiny tears from Master Jedd, that stunningly photogenic tiny man!

Errol, we've discovered, may well be destined for the catwalk as he worked the camera like a seasoned pro! This boy was so full of ideas for pics he nearly burst! It made my job very easy that's for sure! He brought this wonderfully textured, shaggy rug/blankety/furry thing in his favourite dusty pink colour and suggested that we could use it for a prop and then went about styling his shot. What can I say, Errol, it looked so great, it added great texture and warmth, and you my friend are very talented!

And Duke, what a kind and loving boy! I really don't think there is anything he wouldn't do for his brothers, particularly baby Jedd. When Jedd would cry, he would gently hold him and snuggle him until the tears dried. And then when I called round to drop off their images he was so incredibly loving with my bubba Lilly and spent ages sitting with her and playing, pulling faces and showing her different toys. Seriously, what a sweetheart!

Jedd, what can I my friend are so incredibly cute! So incredibly photogenic it's just not funny! Well actually your entire family could be cut and paste into a magazine really! May you flourish with days filled with laughter and love, and may you always be at the top of the 'stacks on' pile!!!

Janie and Jono, for what it's worth, you are raising some pretty spectacular humans here!

Thanks again you guys for a seriously fun day!



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