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Family Fun at Mount Gladstone, Cooma: A Mini Portrait Sessions with the Gelling Family

How lucky am I that I have the trust of people like the Gelling family who, when I say daft things like: 'So... I'm thinking that it could be really cool if we hiked through the bush on top of the shaley (but very pretty!) Mount Gladstone, Cooma, for your mini family portrait session...'

And their response is...

'Heck yeah! That sounds fun!'

That's L.U.C.K.Y with a capital 'L'!

I mean, Mount Gladstone, is no Everest, but to ask families with small children to trek around the bush in their best (mainly white) dress for their family portraits is a rather large and unusual request. But the Gelling clan did not even bat an eyelid, in fact their youngest daughter Harper was rather remiss when it was time to finish up and she had to leave her meticulous rock gathering expedition!

The bush hummed as they hiked through the dust, crouched by trees, and even explored under stones – hunting for angry scorpions who would bare their nippers and wave their barbed tails in the air at the curious little (and big! :D) people uncovering their hideouts. Sarah and Tory played and ran and jumped and danced with their girls, who smiled gleefully, especially when it came time to dance atop gigantic boulders, or logs, or play 'chasings' around the lookout platform.

If these girls aren’t bush babes I don’t know who would be! Prior to their session the girls spotless matching blue dresses were pressed and perfect, though by the end I must say, they were a little dusty! Very well loved but yes, possibly in need of a wash! But then again what's the point of heading bush if you have to stay clean!

For goodness sake! There's trees to be climbed! We were all too busy with our critter hunts and running games to notice dirty knees! And besides! It’s the bush! You can’t expect to go out exploring and not come home with something to show where you’ve been!

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon Gelling’s! I loved every minute of our wilderness adventure and hope that you love your images of your gorgeous family and that they transport you back to those fun memories!

Till next time!

All my love



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