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Family fantastico!!!

So the Strange family are awesome! What can I say, Louise, James, Lucy and Zara are such a wonderfully joyful bunch!

I was lucky enough to met Louise at the 'New Bub's Club' in Cooma when my little girl and Louise's youngest, Zara, were still tiny. We got on like a house on fire (because Louise is simply the nicest human), and off the four of us trot to lunch.

So then, one brisk Autumn day in May we all gathered in the very pretty Ramsey Park, where the trees surrounded us in crimson and gold to take some family pictures.

However, what transpired was more like a play date with the gorgeous Lucy racing through the grass, finding 'treasures' and sharing some hilarious 'secrets' with all the gang. And Zara, the cheeriest baby in the world, would giggle and smile at her sisters antics and snuggle with her Dad and Mum.

Thank you Louise, James, Lucy and Zara! What a splendid way to spend a morning!

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