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Katie Phillips Photography - Mummahood 2023 - Family Portrait Photography - 2022 - Cooma-1


The Mummahood Project


The Mummahood Project is an annual Exhibition featuring portraits and stories of mothers from around the Snowy Mountains region.

This year the Exhibition was hosted by the incredible Raglan Gallery in Cooma and will be showing from the 4th to the 1st of April with the opening celebration on Saturday the 4th of March

The exhibition catalogue showcases each Mum and shares their stories and wisdom.  To grab your copy for $30 simply hit the button below and let me know.  All profits will be donated to Motherland, an Australian charity working to support Mum's living in isolated and rural areas.

Katie Phillips Photography - Fathima Hamya - Family Portrait Photography - 2022 - Cooma-16

Sign up for 2024

If you would like to be a part of the Mummahood Project and 2024 Exhibition and celebrate your journey as a Mumma hit button below for more information and to sign up!

Mummahood 2023

'There is a noticeable absence in the imagery that documents children's lives. There is one figure who is always present but never seen. Her presence, all encompassing and her love is mighty. Though when the children look back on their childhood they will describe her rather than look upon her smiling face as she wrapped them in a loving two armed embrace...

So too is the absence of imagery of Mum paralleled with the silence of her voice. Such is the expectation on women to be all, do all, have all, with grace and poise, without a word of acknowledgement to the staggering enormity of what actually goes into 'being Mum'.

[This exhibition and project] is a love letter to Mums. It's a moment to switch on the light so now we see Mum. We see her with her most precious ones. We see her radiance and strength. We hear her story of love, pain, sacrifice, resilience, power and courage. And we say thank you.'

Katie Phillips, Mummahood 2023 Exhibition Catalogue, Artist Statement

Mummahood 2024

Want to be a part of the celebration for next year's Mummahood Exhibition?  

Fill in the registration below!

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