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My Rainbow 


In our image saturated world, we have become desensitised to the power of the photograph and it's sometimes hard to see the point in investing in a pro-photo experience where we take the time to get our pretty on, play together in front of the camera and then have our most precious images specially printed, framed and hung on our walls.  


After all we have pretty wild cameras on our phones these days and isn't there a 'wall' on Facebook?  But there is something completely different and wholly satisfying when you're holding a physical print of your memories.  They become very real and very accessible, with not a hint of the ephemeral and fleeting nature of the digital world.

I believe in the power of photography and to have that tangible proof of your memories, your joy, your story of love and light and laughter.  

For time she is a swift beast and a merry thief, and memory like smoke can shift and dance.

There are a couple of other important things I believe too, but I'll summarise for now! :D

1. You and your partner, lover, family, children, pets, invisible friends are beautiful in every way, no matter what any body says.  So that nasty little voice in the back of your head (or in out in the actual world) telling you that you're too this or too that can just shush now and forever.

2. Diversity matters and it is so so important that we begin to change our visual world, where there seems to be a stark absence of diversity of sexuality, gender, skin colour, religion, body type, family structure, the list goes on and one.  I'm absolutely about inclusion!

3. This is your day and I'll bust my rump to help make it as special and wonderful as possible.

4. Different is FLIPPING FANTASTIC so if you're the kind of people who like to celebrate by getting off-road, be off-beat, and do something completely wild and crazy I'm soooo in!

5. I'm not a huge fan of doing anything too overly posey and really love to capture you and yours just having a blast, laughing, cuddling, wrestling, waltzing and generally just having fun.

6. If we do do some posey stuff I'm totally there to guide you and help you not feel uncomfortable and awkward.

7. Your photo experience should above all be fun fun fun!  So if your not having fun then I'm not doing my job and that would be bad! :P

See...Rainbow!!! *smiles*

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