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What is the HOME Matters Initiative?

The acronym HOME stands for ‘Her Own Memories’ and the HOME Matters Initiative aims to show women who have survived domestic violence that they matter, their families matter and their memories matter through the power of photography.  Often women who have left violent relationships leave with nothing and loose many precious items, including family photographs.  Women who come to have a HOME Matters family portrait session will be offered the opportunity to create beautiful family portraits that show the deep connection and love in their family.  Your memories matter, and so do theirs and through the gift of family photography these women will have precious reminders of these gorgeous moments


What do the women get?

They will receive a custom family session in a local location and the choice of framed, boxed or digital prints.


Who can apply to have a HOME Matters Session?

Any Mum who has experienced Domestic or Family Violence.  Just fill in the contact for below to register :)  All your information is stored securely and will absolutely not be shared with any third parties at all. ever. full stop.

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