H.er O.wn M.E.mories Matter 


So much more than pretty pictures...

Family & domestic violence can shatter a family.


It leaves many women alone and with nothing but traumatic memories and pain, as ending a toxic relationship can often mean leaving with nothing but the clothes on your back and your children in your arms.

The Her Own Memories Portrait Sessions are designed to help these mum's and their children create wonderful new memories in a family portrait session of their own.

10% of any purchases you make go towards gifting a family Portrait Session 

to a family in need


These families will receive:

An hour-long portrait session


Their choice of gorgeous print collection

So, join me for a family portrait session where you not only create beautiful art for your family but give the gift of a photography to a family who have survived domestic & family violence.

Yes please Katie!


I'd love to be a part of this!  What do I do now?


1. Fill in your details

2. Choose your date

3. Tell me something about

your beautiful family!

Can't wait to see you & together we'll create gorgeous memories for you and show a family they matter