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Newborn & Baby Portraiture

It is such a special time when a family is expecting a new addition.   The joy, the excitement, the nervous anticipation, the spectrum of emotions that accompanies this monumentally life changing time.  Whether this is your first or your fourth, pregnancy (though at times challenging), birth and parenthood is an incredible path.

As a mumma myself, I know the value of those precious moments, when everything is just so tiny and exquisite, yet sadly so fleeting.  I just adore capturing those precious moments when a new baby joins a family. 


In your images we will illuminate the beautiful bond between you and your family, and the love and joy of meeting and connecting with this new little life. 


My aim for every photoshoot is for you and your family to feel as relaxed as possible and enjoy your time in front of the camera.  We’ll have a great time, share some laughs and I will work my butt off  to ensure you have beautiful, natural pictures filled with warmth, love and light.

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First 48


Those first precious hours are so very fleeting.  The emotion of the moment feels so raw and vital at the time, but like all things, these fade with time.  However with your 'First 48' the excitement, the joy and the newness of this happy time is preserved forever for you.

What happens is I come to you within 48 hours of your baby being born, whether you be in hospital to home, and capture for you some of the first, fleeting moments of your little ones journey into this world.

When my darling baby, Lilly Pearl, was born I was lucky enough to have a First 48 session gifted to me, and honestly these photographs are something I treasure most.  Each time I look at them I am transported back to the best, most gorgeous moments of my life and I will be eternally grateful for this precious memento.

In-home Newborn


Your tiny bubba is so fresh and new, you're just getting used to how this little human fits into your world, there's so much change happening, so let me come to you. 


I’ll bring my portable studio and create a snug little space right in your home, and together we'll create some beautiful images of your precious little bundle.

My in-home studio sessions are customised especially for you and your baby, and the timeless images we create are ones you will treasure for a lifetime. 

It’s so easy, convenient and relaxed. 

On-location Lifestyle


I like to describe lifestyle sessions as more of 'directed photo-journalistic' in nature.  They are about creating images that show the gorgeous story of you and your family – the sparks of affection, the excitement between siblings, the connection you have with your babe(s). 

Every family is unique and that is what I want to capture here – your family in all its splendour and authenticity.

I use play and games to help create these moments of connection, and you'll be supported and guided the whole time.  So don't fear no awkward posing!

Types of Sessions



1 -2 hour portrait sessions 



Creative session fee to secure your session date and time

Photo Reveal & Print Selection Meeting - where you'll see your images for the first time & have the opportunity to choose the ones you'd love for your home as prints and products.  These start at $350 for a stunning ready to hang frame or canvas and are all handcrafted right here in Australia!  Please ask me for my Printing Guide if you'd like more details!

There's no minimum purchase requirement so you can customise the perfect printing package to suit your home & taste.

Platinum Bubba Club

This is a moment that will never happen again, so why not remember it forever!

The Platinum Bubba Club allows you to capture each milestone of your little one first year in this world.  From bump, to birth, to their first year of fun and adventure!

You'll be able to choose three sessions from the selection of portrait sessions available.


First 48

In-home Newborn

On-location Baby/Family

6 Months

12 Months



3 x 1 -2 hour portrait sessions 



A complementary $50 Voucher to go towards your prints



Creative session fee to secure your dates

(valued at $380)

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